Thoughts on the Down Market

  • When it feels like its time to take profits or high prices feel uneasy, don’t let FOMO stop you from de-risking
  • Always leave yourself a stables stack to be able to invest with on a downturn
  • Don’t spread yourself thin across so many ecosystems that it becomes difficult to act swiftly when markets get volatile (e.g., I borrowed a significant amount on Geist and bridged it all out, and now am not able to bring leverage down without bridging assets back)
  • The value of doing your research is knowing what to do when things suddenly change from what CT or your favorite YouTuber pitched you on
  • Look into projects I feel may be undervalued — MULTI, CRV, FTM come to mind — and figure out where to raise cash to invest in these projects
  • Bring up my health ratios to a comfortable level— conviction doesn’t matter if you get liquidated
  • Re-assess my portfolio where necessary for coins (mainly alts) that I was holding without much conviction (ASTRO I got airdropped, farmed SPELL, farmed PTP, rotating TRI into AURORA or NEAR since I prefer to keep the L1/L2 token than the protocol alt-coin with limited reason to exist)
  • Continue to look forward to Crystalvale in DeFi Kingdoms, now at a less uneasy price point to hold all my xJEWEL at; potentially rotate xJEWEL into JEWEL-FTM, JEWEL-LUNA, etc. to increase my exposure to tokens I feel may be undervalued while also farming even more JEWEL



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